Frequently Asked Question

07. I am planning a large event, can I request Supervisor coverage?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Yes! The Supervisor Department offers dedicated Supervisor coverage for major, pre-planned events on the VATSIM Network. Typically, these events are larger than a standard Friday Night Operations (FNO) event and must be operated by an entity recognized by VATSIM such as an ARTCC, Cross the Pond, World Flight, etc.

If requested and approved, an Event Supervisor(s) may be assigned to resolving all user-related problems and conflicts which may affect the event and restore normal operations as quickly as possible. These Event Supervisors work closely with the event coordinators to ensure a smooth and successful event. They are not obliged to handle problems and requests coming from outside the event area.

If interested, a request may be submitted via, selecting the "Network Supervisors / Event Supervisor Request" Help Topic. Event Supervisor coverage is not guaranteed and is dependent on event specifics and Supervisor availability.

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