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01. I just joined/reactived/changed password and cannot connect. Why?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you recently joined, have you completed the New Member Orientation Program?

  • Before you are able to log onto the online VATSIM servers, you must review the New Member Orientation Course and then pass a short exam. After successfully passing the exam, your account status will become active, and normally within one hour after passing the exam, you may log on.
  • If you are looking for your New Member orientation, please login to and click on the link that is shown immediately after login.
  • If you are looking for your New Member exam, please login to and look toward the bottom of the menu on the left for the "My Exams" menu item. The exam will be available for retake one hour after any unsuccessful attempt.

If you have completed the New Member Orientation Program, but still cannot log on:

  • We operate with a network of distributed servers, so it can normally take up to an hour for new/updated membership information and credentials to be passed to all servers. Within the first hour after completing your New Member Orientation, reactivating your account, or a password change, if your preferred server rejects your credentials, you are welcome to keep trying different servers until finding one that will work.  Normally within one hour (often much less), you should be able to connect to your preferred server (usually best to connect to a server closest to your location).  The servers are all interconnected, so all traffic and connections may be seen regardless of which server you connect to.
  • If you can see on myVATSIM > Education Hub > My Exams that it has been more than an hour since you passed your P0 exam yet you are still getting errors when attempting to connect saying you have not yet passed the exam, please open a support ticket with the Technology team (and we apologize for the inconvenience).

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